• Armor vehicles and equipment
  • Refrigerated Trucks and Fuel Transportation Trucks
  • Rental & Purchasing Vehicles and Armor vehicles
  • Generators and Freez Container

Welcome to Our Company

BNLS (Bizhan Niazi Logistic & Services). Was established in 2003 AD in order to serve in the field of logistical and construction materials services provision. Directing by (Mohammad Hassan) with the business license (D-40758) and is functioning throughout the country and is a leader in providing and delivering logistic, supplies, and services to international, governmental and other business and non-business organizations. Therefore, the company aims to facilitate (logistic supplies, services and Constructions Materials) and transporting it throughout Afghanistan.
We are looking forward to be able to extend our services in the fields of logistics supply, construction, provision of automobile spare parts etc to various organizations. We are committed to providing excellent and high quality services with reasonable price to our customers.

Our Services

Armore Vehicles

Rental & Purchasing Vehicles and Armor vehicles


We traspont any kind fo good and service from fule to food


We can provide to you any kind of logistic services